Getting Ready to Receive, Day 11

Today I get to share another piece of wisdom from my sister, Laura, on what it means to follow the angel’s instructions.


And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” Luke 2:10 (ESV)

Behold! Or, to utilize more modern vernacular: Check it out! Listen up!

I’ve never had an angel stand before me and utter “behold”. Have you? It seems so dramatic and awe inspiring! While it hasn’t happened to me, I certainly have a very specific opinion of what it was like for those shepherds: A crisp, clear night. A blue sky sparkling with stars. The gentle sounds of sheep around them. No odor of any kind because, let’s be serious, I have idealized this moment in time. They had Febreeze, right? Jim and his buddy Jethro hanging out in the field, leaning against a rock with an arm tucked behind their head. “Hey, Jim, you think you can take the first watch? There’s nothing happening and I’m beat.” Such a simple night that suddenly became one of the most talked about, amazing moments in recorded history.

So often I envy those shepherds. They were given such a gift. They were in that field. That night. With that angel. And that message. Can you see it? If only God were to offer me such an opportunity to behold.

Oh, but He has! The problem is, I may have missed it.

This past week has been unique for my simple life. First, my husband underwent a knee surgery that has him quite limited in activity. This man keeps our crazy lives in motion and under control. So you can imagine, things have been… let’s go with interesting. Second, our lovely hamlet of Chillicothe, Ohio had a gorgeous snow. 6 inches of the wet, big flakes that somehow make your Christmas lights sparkle even more. And finally, my father in law drove two hours on Saturday morning, before dawn, to clear our driveway given my hubby’s recovery. This after my sister in law taking care of the “please Lord, just let me live until 8:30 am” process of getting my three young kids off to school while John underwent surgery, and friends bringing us meals as we regrouped on the homefront.

Did I behold in those moments? I live in a land where we have hospitals that can correct ailments that some persons cannot even have diagnosed, let alone have repaired. My family was warm and safe, able to look out at a world made gorgeous by falling, frozen water that makes unique, wonderous flakes. I have people in my life — friends, family, a small group and more, that have given of themselves to help care for my family in our time of need. What wonderous things stand before me!

No, an angel in a robe was not standing there. And no, I did not audibly hear the word “behold”. But, in a moment, driving down the road, with my kids fighting in the back of the van, God placed that word on my heart. Behold, my child.

Listen up, Laura: you have been blessed beyond measure! Check it out and see what the Lord has done for you. Behold! I am standing right here. Jesus came for you, to save you, to give you the opportunity for a life filled with joy and wonder beyond anything you can fathom.

Today, my friends, take a moment to reflect and behold all the good in your life. Behold, a savior has come for each of us!

Lord Jesus, thank you for all the moments and people you have placed in my life.  Teach me to behold. I want to listen and to see all that you are doing in my life and the lives of those around me. Your love is amazing. Behold. I bring you praise!

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