Wide-Eye’d Wonder – Summer Reading Challenge

This morning at Ashley Ridge Church we started our summer reading challenge to coincide with our Wide-Eye’d Wonder series. You can listen to the podcast from today’s message on the Ashley Ridge Church app or on the Ashley Ridge website. The readings for this week are:

Sunday – Genesis 11-15
Monday – Genesis 16-20
Tuesday – Genesis 21-26
Wednesday – Genesis 27-30
Thursday – Genesis 31-36
Friday – Genesis 37-45
Saturday – Genesis 46-50

Please comment below and let me know if you’re accepting the challenge and check back here through the week to see some of my thoughts on the readings and thoughts leading up to next week’s message.

This summer will be, quite literally, EPIC!

8 Comments on “Wide-Eye’d Wonder – Summer Reading Challenge”

  1. Gen.11:5-9 Does anyone have any enlightenment as to why God would do this to the post-Noah descendants when they seemed to be working well together(same language) after he had just commented on how they would be able todo all types of great things?

  2. Good question, Kevin. In verse 4 we learn that the people were interested in making a name “for themselves.” Where God was interested in a covenant relationship with His people, they were interested in themselves. I think it was their arrogance that led God to confuse their language. They would need to depend on him in order to do the great things he had in mind. I think the boundaries of the covenant become clearer in Genesis 12 as God tells Abraham he will be blessed to be a blessing. Helpful? Your thoughts?

  3. I accepted the challenge and I am almost caught up to today’s assignment. The contrast between the Old and New Testaments is strong. Perhaps I am not reading with the right lens, perhaps God was simply meeting the ancients in the brutish world they lived in? I am not sure how to see beyond what seems to be God – approved slavery, maltreatment of women and slaves, wars, deceit etc. Do you have any advice for these challenges I have reconciling the God we talk about every week with the one described in these stories?

    • Apologies for the delay! The very unsatisfying response to your question is the context of the times, which you mentioned. It was a patriarchal society where all women, not just slaves, were considered property to be used, sold, and borrowed. Your question is a good one and it’s part of why we’re attempting the impossible in going through the Bible quickly and from a birds eye view this summer – we’re trying to see the larger context. It often feels that God was doing nothing about the deceit and brutality, and many struggle today with the fact that there is violence and pain and it can seem that God is not acting, but He was and is actually at work trying to get people to see the world He intended at creation and would ultimately redeem through Jesus. This came up in our small group last night and someone actually pointed out that studies show women always fare better in present-day societies that have predominant Christian influences. We often miss how radical Jesus’ message was when He talked about our shared inheritance as sons and daughters and honoring one another. Help at all?

  4. It seems to me the real focus of the questioning thus far has to do with whether or not God is directly/purposely involved in the events happening thus far in our reading. These include his telling his chosen to kill every man, woman, & child/Jericho; condoning his patriarchs to have children by slaves; displaying rage & anger; deception among them; killing all but 8 on the face of the Earth; and displaying favoritism toward 1 group of his children over another. Not whether he “allowed” it. 1st God also did a lot good loving things . It’s sort of like he’s raising his children (Israelites)thru all their disobedience &transitions in the O.T. dealing with them on a corporate/group level. So the context of the testament is a metaphor of sorts for how he wanted our relationship to be with him in the N.T. O.T. persons were more barbaric in their daily lives so the language reflects that. N.T. after Jesus fulfills the covenants w/ his blood God moves into a more personal/1 on 1 relationship thru the Holy Spirit with his children day to day, encouraging us toward a holier state. I have no insight as do most theologians of the mind of God. Whether he caused these incidents or vain men blamed him or they are alleghoric in nature or it was exactly as was written. What I believe is God loves each & every one of us now, pursuing us to the ends of the Earth!

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