Summer Reading Challenge, week 2

Here are the week 2 readings for our summer challenge. Check back through the week for some thoughts and be sure to share your own in the comments!

Happy reading!

Sunday – Exodus 1:1-3:22
Monday – Exodus 16:1-20:21
Tuesday – Joshua 1:1-3:17
Wednesday – Judges 2:6-4:24
Thursday – Judges 6:11-8:35
Friday – Judges 13:1-16:31, 21:25
Saturday – Ruth 1:1-4:22

4 Comments on “Summer Reading Challenge, week 2”

  1. I really enjoy the reading aloud feature on the Bible app. I can get all my reading done while I walk in the mornings. Only problem this morning is it went on into Exodus 21 & 22 and before I knew it I was into eye for an eye, oxen for an oxen and some other pretty violent stuff. Would have been pretty difficult living under the law. Praise God for Grace.

    • Absolutely! I think we often take God’s grace for granted, at least I do. The read aloud feature is awesome b/c you can “read” on the go, but I also feel like I take different things away sometimes when I hear it instead of read it. Thanks for commenting, Rick!

    • I am a fan of the read aloud too Rick! I also agree on the difficulty living under the law and grace sentiments.

  2. Reading all of Exodus at the moment, still having many of same questions I had about Genesis. I am glad God made us able to question though, and I am grateful for the church we have where it is ok to do so!

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