It’s week 3 of our summer reading challenge and we’re heading from the Judges to the Kings. Despite God’s repeated warnings, Israel wants a king they can see and they are willing to challenge the King of Kings to get their way. Spoiler alert: there are some good kings and some bad kings, but in the end, God was right – obviously. Be sure to share your thoughts through the week in the comment section.

Happy Reading!

Sunday – I Samuel 1:1-28, 3:1-21, 8:1-22
Monday – I Samuel 10:17-11:15, 13:5-15, 15:10-35
Tuesday – I Samuel 16:1-18:16; 2 Samuel 5:1-7:29
Wednesday – 2 Samuel 11:1-12:25; 1 Kings 3:3-28, 6:1-38, 8:22-61
Thursday – I Kings 11:1-13, 11:41-43, 12:1-24, 17:1-19:21
Friday – 2 Kings 3:4-5:19a, 13:1-25
Saturday – 2 Kings 23:1-24:1

3 Comments on “”

  1. Before I got into Samuel, I wanted to comment on “Friends of a High & Holy God”. The raising of children analogy struck me as similar to God’s “raising” of the Israelites in our earlier studies. The exception was that they seemed to stay “forever young” & not in the way Dylan would have liked. The 1st phase of parenthood is one of complete dependence on the child’s part. As they establish the wherewithall to learn, mimic behavior, & gain knowledge; we begin to “bring them up in the way they should go” hoping they will not depart from it. Again this is what God was trying to do with Israel as well as a part of the theme of the O.T. The “parenthood dilemma” occurs when the child comes to an age where he/she is ready to go out on their own. This is also where we come to the N.T. attitude shift in the bible. God fulfills the past covenants by giving his own son as the final sacrifice. Jesus walked with us, taught, gave guidance, and told of things we should and shouldn’t do. Then he walked away or like the parent must do, let go! AH…but he left us the Holy Spirit to guide us, just as the parents imbedded knowledge, we hope, will one day do the same. It was a monumental metamorphosis of the relationship!! So God descends from that high and holy place and comes to dwell in us when we ask him. This was an act of total sacrifice! It was & is the only way to have a 2 way loving relationship. Parenthood as it was is over through maturity we learn to accept & love each other. We must work to draw nearer to God & our children in a more spiritually intertwined manner. If we have done our job right, our children will eventually draw nearer to us. The more we mature in the Holy Spirit the more divinely it interprets our menial words into high praise. Kevin Weathers

  2. I have a small tie-in to some previous scripture we read back in EXODUS that has to do with what some do at church on Sundays, or maybe in the privacy of their home, or don’t feel comfortable doing at all. It is the “Raising of our Hands” before God. You know the action I’m talking about. The one which can make you stand out from the crowd. BUT, let me tell you of the story & purpose intertwined within it. There are times (though they may not be often) when God speaks to you &you alone through the Holy Spirit. The urge to hold on white-knuckled to the seat in front of you in order to stop it may be the initial reaction. Guess who was the first biblically to do this? It was none other than Moses in Exodus chapter 17. It is seen as a sign of surrender or a yielding to the power of God as manifested through the H.S. It doesn’t mean you are sin-free, or in tranquil relationship with all others, or even necessarily just trying to fit in. It means that right there, in that moment, in your relationship with him whatever you may have been struggling with has been answered somewhere deep down inside you. Maybe from Jen’s message or the Music’s ministry a word has been spoken in your mind that lets you know it is going to be alright, or a feeling of forgiveness comes over you, or perhaps you are struck by how really insignificant the situation really is. Regardless the H.S. begins to well up within you, overcoming your senses. Seeking release from the shell of your body in order to join, YES…for just a touch of time, with the loving embrace of God in praise & worship. If this happens to you, open up your arms & heart & let him in! Kevin

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