Be with my words

My husband and I, both being of the somewhat chatty variety, managed to give birth to two very verbal kids. Go figure. Most of the time, this makes for great entertainment. Clark and I muffle our laughter during prayer time as our kids pray for everything under the sun and we watch the surprised faces of friends and family when our kids says they’re “so exasperated” after losing a game of Go Fish. (This is preferable to the time our 4-year old was playing Uno with his grandmother and said “dammit” when she played a Draw 4 card. #winning)

You see, the other side of the loquacious coin is when our kids wield their words as a weapon. On more than one occasion, I have felt verbally eviscerated by my 7-year old only to have the reality check that he learned it somewhere…probably somewhere as close as home…well, let’s be real, from me.

And so, one of the most frequent conversations in our home is that we can use our words in two ways, to build people up or tear people down, and we are going to actively work to use our words to build people up. Most days it works out about like this:

Build up. Tear down. Apologize. Repeat.

Since we are so clearly a work in progress, I am going to share a piece of wisdom that is not my own, but is helping me overcome the cycle day by day. It’s a prayer that a dear friend shared with me years ago and now it’s often on auto-repeat in my head. It goes like this,

“Be with my thoughts. Be with my words.”

That’s it. Two sentences. One of the simplest prayers you might ever pray, but when you trust God to answer, it may also be the prayer that changes the atmosphere around you – in your marriage, your home, your job, your church, wherever you go.

Use your words well today. At least try. I will too. It’s likely, actually certain, that someone you know could benefit greatly from being built up.


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    Friends, I would like to share this post by my friend and colleague, Jenn Williams. She is the pastor of Ashely Ridge Church and writes the blog Better Together at Her most recent post, “Be with my Words,” is right in line with my current series, Words of Grace, which you can find on my site, I hope you enjoy and I hope you will take a moment to check out some of Jenn’s other posts!

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