A Tale of Greek Yogurt and Growth

I used to dislike greek yogurt. I even went so far as to publicly dismiss its chalky texture by way of a Sunday morning message. Boldness characterized my distaste for the actively-cultured, protein-laden dairy delicacy.

Now I eat the stuff almost every day.

“What changed?” you may ask. I tried it again. I allowed others to challenge my assumptions. I made room for growth (see what I did there? – a little yogurt pun).

I wonder if other areas of my life could use some of the same treatment…

This morning I read about Abraham, who “never wavered in believing God’s promises,” (Romans 4:20). Yet even as he never wavered in regard to his belief in God, he allowed everything else he understood and thought to be challenged. He left his home for an unknown land. He lived in a portable tent when he could have stayed more comfortable in a permanent tent (“Permanent tent” – ha, that has to be an oxymoron). He took his much-wanted, long-awaited son on a hike to be sacrificed. Basically, he went all-in on the promises of God, which meant a willingness to question everything else he thought he knew.

I want to be open to that kind of growth. I want to be so intent on getting better that I’m willing to tear down strongholds in my life. I want to be humble in a way that acknowledges the arrogance of my own perspective…because my perspective is not reality.  I want to live in a world where other people are willing to do the same.

So maybe we should all practice a little. Maybe you need to try greek yogurt again. Maybe I’ll give seafood another go. Not mushrooms though – those are fungus.

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